Our Services

  • Conduct initial assessments and analysis to determine whether fraud has occurred.

  • Conduct thorough financial investigation, including collection of evidence and interviews of suspects and witnesses.

  • Assist in preparation of documentation requests.

  • Compile financial data into spreadsheets unique to each engagement.

  • Utilize a unique, meticulous method of analysis developed from years of experience.

  • Compile findings and conclusions into comprehensive reports for court purposes.

  • Provide litigation support services, including document and testimony analysis.

  • Testify as expert witnesses at both the state and federal level.

  • Counsel law enforcement and prosecutors as to the application of appropriate criminal statutes and penalties, based on investigation and findings.

  • Counsel defense counsel regarding charges brought against a defendant, and evaluate records and reports filed.

  • Investigate fidelity claims for bonding companies regarding employee theft.

What is a Forensic Accountant?

Forensic accountants utilize accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to investigate fraud, embezzlement, and other disagreements that require court action. These highly specialized accountants serve as both accountant and investigator, and are trained to communicate financial information clearly and concisely in a courtroom setting. Forensic accountants understand that to be effective, they must look beyond the numbers and deal with the business reality of each situation. In many legal disputes, forensic accountants may work for either the defending or prosecuting attorneys.

The Forensic Lab

Financial Forensic Consultants, LLC, conveniently offer its own forensic laboratory services. When you contact us with your concern, we will conduct a preliminary investigation and render a professional opinion as to whether the possibility of fraud exists. The FFC Lab operates within a quick turnaround time. Based on a review of documents, the FFC Lab is equipped to quickly and accurately evaluate: 1) criminal activity; 2) misuse of funds; 3) allegations of criminal activity; 4) family financial disputes; and 5) potential for financial exploitation and/or theft by deception. The FFC Lab can tailor its preliminary investigation to any specific inquiry. When the opinion of a financial expert is needed, the FFC Lab is the place to start.